Final stop in the forest

"Breathe the air of the forest, while reducing your ecological footprint".

Is it possible to spend one or more days in the Ardennes and get there by train?
The answer is “Yes” thanks to the 4 stations located in the heart of the Grande Forêt de Saint-Hubert.

The international line 162 Brussels-Namur-Luxembourg allows you to reach the region.
The main station is Libramont. The secondary stations are Poix-Saint-Hubert, Grupont and Forrières.

A hiker’s paradise
The Saint-Hubert forest region is very attractive for hikers. It is therefore obvious that you have a choice of pedestrian routes “from station to station” or looped routes that bring you back to the station of departure.

6 station-to-station itineraries from 12 to 33 km (between the stations, choice between a short version or a longer version proposed over two days with the possibility of staying in one of the villages encountered)
Numerous local walks or mountain bike rides set out and looped around the stations. Distance, atmosphere, difficulty… are all criteria that can guide your choices!
And what about something else than hiking?
Original activities departing from the stations are available on reservation: rental of electric mountain bikes, discovery tour on an electric scooter, family walk with donkeys, nature walks, etc.

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Final stop in the Forest!

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