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La Belle Famenne

La Belle Famenne of the Brotherhood of Wandalino. Wandalino is a 6-metre giant, powerful and debonair, living in the company of the ‘Nutons’, lively and mischievous dwarfs. It is also the name of the brotherhood representing the hereditary civil hierarchy of Wellin in the 12th century.
This is a white beer brewed at the Saint-Monon brewery in Ambly. Alc. 5,9 % Vol

Points of sale in the Saint-Hubert Forest:
– Carrefour Market in Saint-Hubert
– Proxy in Tenneville
– Maziers in Libramont

Contact: mail

la chatte

La Chatte is a beer brewed by the Brasserie des Tchèts, there are 5 of them: la Chatte Blonde, full of character, unfiltered and unpasteurised Alc. 6% Vol. la Chatte Blanche, a pale and slightly cloudy beer, with a tangy vivacity and flavours of citrus and flowers Alc. 5% Vol, la Chatte Brune, a well-balanced beer with coffee aromas Alc. 7% Vol., la Chatte Triple, a strong, fruity and tasty beer Alc. 8,5% Vol. and la Chatte Noire, a stout with cocoa aromas Alc. 8,6% Vol.

Points of sale in the Forêt de Saint-Hubert :
– Carrefour paysan in Neuvillers
– Ardenne Boissons in Libramont
– Le 13 in Libramont
– Carrefour Market in Saint-Hubert
– Carrefour Market in Libramont
– Le Krousty in Libin
– Intermarché in Recogne
– L’Auberge Gourmande in Redu
– Brasserie Maziers in Libramont
– Le St-Hubar in Saint-Hubert
– La pause chocolat-thé in Libramont
– Leitz Butchery in Libramont
– Les Coteaux in Libramont
– Café Louise in Libramont

Contact: +32(0)61 55 01 61 –

la chienne

This beer got its name from the nickname of the inhabitants of the Libin commune, “Les Chiens”. Its creators wanted it to be soft and pleasant in the mouth with a slight bitterness.
The beer “La Chienne” offers a good scent of hops which will wake up your taste buds at the end of the mouth. Alc 6,7% Vol.

Points of sale in Saint-Hubrt Forest:
– Tourist office in Redu
– Le Cornü in Ochamps
– Boucherie Ismaël Martin in Anloy
– Spar in Libin
– Maziers Brewery in Libramont
– Aux Coteaux in Libramont
– Proxy in Tenneville
– Chez Greggorio in Champlon
– Auberge Gourmande in Redu

Contact: +32(0)494 20 58 40 –

la l

La L brewed at the L4 Brewery exists in 2 variations: la L, an amber beer, with a citrus and passion fruit nose, a slightly smoky finish, a balanced bitterness Alc. 7% Vol. and la L triple which has a hoppy nose and a very refreshing taste Alc. 9% Vol.

Points of sale in the Saint-Hubert Forest:
– A la main verte in Ourt
– Carrefour paysan in Libramont
– Maziers brewery in Libramont
– Leitz butchery in Libramont
– Aux Coteaux in Libramont

Contact: mail – www.facebook/Brasserie-L4-Libramont

la ma'riebrasse

La Ma’riebrasse is brewed at the brewery of the same name in the village of Sainte-Marie-Chevigny. Currently 2 beers are produced there: La Sainte MA’ blonde Alc. 6% Vol. and La Sainte MA’ blanche Alc. 5% Vol.
The leitmotiv? To produce artisanal, unfiltered beers, with no additives or preservatives.

Points of sale in the Forêt de Saint-Hubert:
– Maziers Brewery in Libramont
– Carrefour Paysan in Libramont
– Supermarket at Georgette Redu
– Leitz butcher’s shop in Libramont
– Restaurant Table et Comptoir in Libramont

Contact: +32(0)472 53 53 17 – mail –

la saint-hubert

This red beer was born in the spirit of the traditions of this noble land. This craft amber beer, “La Saint-Hubert” is made from barley malt and is proposed by the Confrérie de la Saint-Hubert which was created in 1989. Alc. 6% Vol.

Points of sale in the Saint-Hubert Forest:
– Tourist Office in Saint-Hubert
– Carrefour Market in Saint-Hubert
– At the Saint-Hubert brotherhood during events or on request

Contact: +32(0)471 30 38 14

la sonnaille

This craft amber beer is emblematic of the Confrérie de la Djaye (Tellin). Highly fermented, “La Sonnaille” goes perfectly with a wide variety of dishes. Alc. 6,5 % Vol.

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la tiestue

Tiestue has a slight bitterness, without being an IPA. A special feature of this beer is that the hops used in the brew were all grown in the Ardennes, in the village of Bièvre. Alc 5,5% Vol.

Points of sale in the Forest of Saint-Hubert :
– Aux Coteaux in Libramont
– Epicerie Cornü in Ochamps
– L’Auberge gourmande in Redu
– Georgette’s grocery store in Redu
– Maziers brewery in Libramont

Contact: mail

la touteur

As the name suggests, this is a light beer that can be drunk at any time of the day. It is brewed in Flohimont in a microbrewery. They use organic malt and hops grown in their garden. It is a light amber beer, very hoppy with many hints of citrus. Its balanced bitterness makes the beer very refreshing. Alc 5.8% Vol. La Touteur is only available at the brewery, rue Champs Colin 41 in Libramont.

Only available at the brewery.

Contact: +32(0)476/53 45 66 –

st-hubertus, BEERS OF LEGENDS


These traditional abbey beers echo the legend of Saint Hubert. Three “beers of legends” are to be discovered: a white with a spicy and slightly lactic aroma Alc. 5,2 % Vol. a triple amber with a discreet aroma Alc. 7,2 % Vol. a triple blonde with a fruity aroma Alc. 7,2 % Vol.

Points of sale in the Saint-Hubert Forest:
– Tourist Office in St. Hubert
– Carrefour Markt in Sint-Hubert, Wellin and Libramont
– Proxy Delhaize in Tenneville
– Delhaize Hyper in Recogne
– Intermarché in Recogne



Everything predestined this trio to meet around beer. Indeed, Olivier started zythology courses in 2016 while Maxime and Jean-Yves have been brewing on their own since 2018. The link between the three lads? It’s Maxime. He is a childhood friend of Jean-Yves and they are pure Borquins (inhabitants of Saint-Hubert). He is also the colleague of Olivier, also from the Ardennes but from Bastogne. That’s all it took for them to brew together…
In 2020, to perfect their skills, they enrolled in the microbrewing course at Ifapme and graduated two years later. At the same time, they refined their recipes in Maxime’s garden shed on a 60-70l brewing installation.
Today it is their triple called Saint-Hubeer (Alc. 8.7% Vol.) that is offered to you for tasting. A beer that reflects the character of the inhabitants of its region: strong, complex and warm. It should delight you with its well-malted flavours, enhanced by fruity and slightly spicy notes.
This trio of brewers have more recipes in the making that we should see in the coming months. Other projects are also simmering in their heads, such as a brewery in the Saint-Hubert region. Business to be continued…

Points of sale in the Saint-Hubert Forest :
– Maison Simar in Saint-Hubert
– Jardinerie Gilles in Nicolas Saint-Hubert
– Chez Del in Villance

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