Tellin, municipality with heritage and history

Tellin, situated between the Ardennes and the Famenne (like Wellin), offers listed sites, historical monuments as well as magnificent viewpoints. Its many natural attractions are underlined by its attachment to the Famenne-Ardenne Geopark. It is a label awarded by UNESCO (the “UNESCO World Geopark”) to an area with a geological heritage of international importance.The private quarry of the Lesse located in Resteigne is one of the geosites. Since the end of its exploitation in 1985, nature has regained its rights there and it has become a well-known reference in the international world of geologists.The region is thus naturally involved in a sustainable development approach that combines the natural heritage, culture and involvement of its inhabitants.


Do you hear the bells in the background?

If you are staying in the commune of Tellin, you have put your suitcases in a region known for its bells, which are still the most important in Belgium.  For when one thinks of Tellin, one thinks of that village known as “Village of the Bells and the Carillon” where the former bell foundry Causard-Slegers, which ceased its activities in 1970, is located. 

Which heritage sites to discover ?

The former bell foundry and its clock art museum are open all year round by appointment. The visits (always accompanied) will immerse you in the history of this place which experienced a great commercial boom thanks to the stagecoach route between France and Germany.Thousands of bells were cast in Tellin. At one time, the foundry employed more than 35 workers. Throughout the year you can meet enthusiasts who will explain to you, in an intact place, the work of the master craftsmen, the different stages of clock making, or even the symbolism of the bells…  

The picturesque village of Resteigne also known for its hermitage, is crossed by the river Lesse. It is an authentic place to take a break on a terrace by the river overlooking a beautiful open-air photo exhibition. (Les Saisons de la Photo en Grande Forêt de Saint-Hubert)! A beautiful footbridge takes you to the other side of the Lesse for a small rural walk to discover the old mill.

The panoramic point of the Rocher à Pic isaccessible via the Walk des Hauts de la Lesse (9,7km). Located between Tellin and Resteigne, this viewpoint offers breathtaking views of the Lesse and Belvaux. Let the hiking trail lead you to the heights of the Lesse Valley and to the heart of the Ellinchamps forest reserve, a beech forest of remarkable botanical interest. On site, didactic panels will inform you about the specific species that develop there! 

The Chapel of Notre-Dame of Haurt in Bure is located on the route of the Chapel Walk (4 km). This 18th century building was built on the top of a hill. According to legend, a statue of the Virgin was found there and brought to the church of Bure but she chose, by a miracle and three times, to return to her place of discovery to be honoured there…You come to this timeless place via an avenue of lime trees with 7 potales made by Jijé (Joseph Gillain, draughtsman of “Spirou”!). In July and August, free guided tours are offered every Saturday afternoon.

The village of Bure is rich in beautiful fountains and has been awarded the “Wallonie en Fleurs” label. The “Bure, village fleuri” route, which is at your disposal at the Tourist Office, allows you to discover it from this point of view. The memorial route “La Bataille de Bure” immerses you in the history of this peaceful village which was the scene of a deadly battle at the end of the war 40-45.10 panels explain this historical episode (map available from the Tourist Office)

Maison espagnole, Grupont

The Spanish house in Grupont, a beautiful listed timbered building dating from 1590. For several centuries, the Spanish house was also the meeting place of the “Supreme Court” of Grupont and thus played a role in 1618 in the conviction of the four Jamin sisters regarded as witches.The village honours the memory of these four victims by means of 8 panels telling their story (route available at theTourist Office in Tellin).

The municipality of Tellin, has also...

A natural heritage rich in preserved sites; such as the Fagne du Mâ d’Eau, a marshland on the side of Resteigne in the Ardennes part of the municipality on a plateau where many small streams have their source.Or the Réserve des Pairées, an astonishing nature reserve with unexpected landscapes in our latitudes very similar to the southern landscapes.


is particularly beautiful in autumn (walking map “Au Pays de la Lesse et de la Lhomme”). On its 12.5 km route, this walk delights in the variety of crossed landscapes along small country and forest paths.The ascent of the Croix Javalle offers a magnificent view of the Calestienne, the Famenne up to the first ridges of the Condroz in the distance. You will then penetrate the Ardennes forest… .Later you will find the chemin des Crêtes (path of the Hill Ridge) and when you descend to Tellin you will have a panoramic view of the Famenne and the Calestienne.

Villages and hamlets

Bure, Grupont, Resteigne, Tellin

rUE gRANDE 21A, B-6927 TEllin
+32 84 36 60 07

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