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Tools, good plans and circuits SPECIAL FOR YOU!

More and more of you are coming to discover our beautiful region by bike! Whether on an electric or classic bike, on the road or on a mountain bike on the single tracks of the Saint-Hubert forest, the valleys of our region do not scare you. In order to welcome you well, several accommodations have joined the "Bienvenue Vélo" label so that you will find all the comfort you need to fully enjoy our region and its riches. They can be recognised by a sticker at the entrance and are no more than 5 km from a bicycle network...

Find a place “Bienvenue Vélo”

Places where you can recharge your electric bike in the Forêt de Saint-Hubert:

  • Saint-Hubert: Place du Marché 15
  • Sohier (Wellin): Laboratoire de la vie rurale
  • Redu (Libin): Place de l’Esro 60
  • Tellin: opposite the church
  • Wellin: on the Grand Place

Bike rental (e-bike, mtb)

Location center in Libin

Loca-Bike Ardennes

And why not go and get some fresh air?
Rediscover nature, have fun with friends?
And why not ride a bike through the Belgian Ardennes?
And why not travel effortlessly, to places that would be unthinkable with a classic bike?

The Loca-Bike Ardennes Centre in Libin offers several services:

  • rental of electric mountain bikes
  • different routes on GPS from the rental centre
  • the accompaniment of a guide upon reservation
  • delivery of the equipment on request in the surrounding villages

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rental centre in Champlon

Tenneville Sports Centre

Discover the region from the Tenneville Sports Centre, at your leisure, by electric bike.

The Centre offers:

-the rental of 2 electric mountain bikes "Rockrider" in adult size, by reservation only
-a map of the circuits in the commune of Tenneville

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Centre de location à Saint-Hubert

E-Scape Bike

E-scape Bike is first and foremost a team of enthusiasts who want you to discover our beautiful region. And what is more suitable for this than an electric bike? With a fleet of 35 mountain bikes and city bikes, you will certainly find a bike that suits you, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cyclist.

The E-Scape Bike centre in Saint-Hubert offers various services

  • rental of electric mountain bikes and city bikes
  • rental of pedelecs for children
  • rental of baby seats and trailers for toddlers
  • a wide range of routes for all levels to follow on GPS
  • the provision of a guide upon reservation (tailor-made excursion)
  • provision of equipment on request in partner accommodations

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rental centre in saint-hubert

Les 100 Ciels

From the Saint-Hubert civil airfield, Les 100 Ciels offers the rental of 4 electric mountain bikes on reservation.

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