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equestrian routes

Guided horse riding tours

In the commune of Libin:
Ardennes Horse Trek
+32 475 47 56 42
Minimum one-day horse treks.

Rennes et Sens
Rue du Curé 8a – 6890 Libin
+32 470 69 16 62 or +32 61 53 57 11
Horse-drawn carriage rides and accompanied rides for people who have their own horses in a “slow tourism” approach.

L’Ecuries des Longs Prés
Rue de la Colline 43 – 6890 Libin
+32496 11 68 12
Horse riding from 2 hours to several days.
Horse-drawn carriage rides.

In the commune of Libramont-Chevigny:
L’Ecurie Rigaux
Rue de Neufchâteau 33 – 6800 Recogne
+32 476 54 26 32
Horse-drawn carriage and wagon rides.

In the commune of Saint-Hubert:
Les Ecuries des Iles
Rue de Namoisy 40 – 6870 Hatrival
+32 496 26 25 56
Walks and rides on horseback and in carriages (horse-drawn carriage and “char à banc”). Possibility of renting horses or boxes if you are staying in the region.

In the commune of Wellin:
Le Relais de la Lesse
+32 477 24 14 08
Guided rides from 2 hours to several days. Horses available for hire.

bench-cart rides

Trait Local
+32 493 35 23 21
Wheelchair rides in the village of Ochamps (Libin) for groups of up to 10 people.

Nature walks to the rhythm of the anes

les ânes de François
+32 479 11 67 18
François invites you to get back to basics on a nature walk accompanied by his two donkeys.
His walks follow the rhythm of the donkeys and his explanations of nature. The walks can be general or specific.
Small children weighing up to 40 kg can take turns on the donkeys.
Half-day and full-day packages are available.

routes from 22 to 31 km

The municipality of Wellin with its 4 horse routes: ” the place to be ” for horse riders.

This is my point of view and I share it! This signposted route crosses a beautiful natural environment. On its 22 km of signposted route you will find points of interest in terms of heritage and landscape.There are three different starting points:
– Chanly (village square)
– Neupont (Passerelle Maria)
– Wellin (car park of the sports hall)
A topoguide is available at the Office du Tourisme in Wellin to facilitate the walk.

The walks of Lomprez Two unmarked horseback rides depart from Lomprez:
– Le Bois Saint-Remacle, a 31 km forest path that crosses the Saint-Remacle forest via the old provincial road n°61 which has recently been rebuilt.
– Along our waterways, a 26 km circuit that follows several of the municipality’s waterways

– A cheval sur les calcaires, Reiten Sie auf dieser wunderschönen, 33 km langen Reitstrecke durch die Ardennen, die Famenne und die Calestienne.

Across two communes
This 31 km circuit is a magnificent route starting from Resteigne in the commune of Tellin. It follows an old rehabilitated path that is very popular with horseback riders.

Large tours

La Chevauchée forestière

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The Chevauchée forestière This 170 km unmarked horse loop invites you to discover different facets of the Great Forest of Saint-Hubert. It is reserved for experienced riders and will take you on a 100% forest ride, through vast wooded mountain massifs, wild valleys, fords, heaths and fens, magnificent viewpoints…  

It also offers 5 shorter loops from 31 to 62 km; it is possible to connect them to enjoy intermediate distances or to put together an à la carte walk. On the route there are several accommodation options.

The European itinerary of d'Artagnan

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The European itinerary of d’Artagnan A real equestrian and cultural experience. This equestrian route follows in the footsteps of the famous musketeer. This 4,000 km route crosses the Forest of Saint-Hubert, linking Lupiac in Gascony (France), the birthplace of this famous character, with Maastricht in Limburg (Netherlands), where he died.

The Ardennes on horseback, galoping from park to park

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The Ardennes on horseback, galloping from park to park
On the programme of this equestrian route, you will discover the Eastern Ardennes over 500 km. The complete itinerary is offered in 14 days, starting from Raeren in the Hautes Fagnes – Eifel Nature Park and ending in Harlange, passing through the Saint-Hubert Forest.  With, as a premium, bonus stages.

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