Libin, between heaven and earth

The municipality of Libin is one of these green spaces that is so much appreciated in the region.

More than half of Libin is covered with forests but it also has many emblematic places such as Redu, the famous “Book Village” that welcomes book lovers from all over the world. Fame began in 1984 with the organisation of the first “Ardennes market for rare or second-hand books”.

The ten or so bookshops that are now located there are full of attractions for reading and comic strip enthusiasts. Old or recent, rare or more frequent, the themes proposed are very varied: nature, astronomy, history, travel, music, archaeology, children’s stories or comic strips…

It is a pleasure to meet the craftsmen who have opened shops there, enjoy a drink on a terrace or stroll along the poetic promenade. Every year in April there is a renewed version that brightens up the streets with new poems and carefully selected illustrations.

Unique in Europe

If Redu is “the place to be” when one loves the world of books then it is also “the place to be” when one talks about art thanks to a unique museum in Europe: the MUDIA!

On the programme: 7 centuries of emotions and more than 300 famous works (Brueghel, Rodin, Spilliaert, Wouters, Picasso, Modigliani, Giacometti, Magritte, Franquin, Geluck, etc.).

This “Didactic Art Museum” is a unique experience of artistic and playful immersion for everyone! You will have the opportunity to admire masterpieces from private collections, get to know different artistic movements, and even touch some of the creations…

A story of paper

Fabrication de papier artisanal à Redu
Paper in an old-fashioned way

Did you know that it is possible to make paper with nettle or leek? And that marbled paper can still be made according to an artistic decoration technique from the 12th century?

Local craftsmen will make you discover surprisingly old-fashioned techniques for making paper in the workshops of the old school of Redu.  

These visits, mainly by appointment, can be combined with a workshop dedicated to the art of calligraphy.

Fête du Livre, Redu

During the Easter weekend, the whole of Redu falls into a pedestrian zone. During the “Fête du livre” a large number of exhibitors, craftsmen and booksellers set up their shop windows to share their craft with the public.

Reading enthusiast, amateur, passer-by, looking for a new or used book, original or unfindable, everyone is welcome!

The head in the stars

Euro Space Center

Ready to experience an exciting space adventure with your family?

The next flight to the planet Mars has been announced and the Euro Space Center in Transinne is expecting you in advance to practice walking on the moon.

Come dream about space, relive the sensations of the pioneers by testing gravity in the Space Rotor and try to free fall with the Vertical Slide in this completely renovated theme park! When the dream to become a space hero…. becomes reality!

Space walk

This long land and forest walk (6,2km) will take you to discover the space. The local artist Philippe Noirot has placed 7 sculptures demarcating the route in the most beautiful deciduous areas around the Euro Space Center. Each work represents a character from Greek or Roman mythology that characterises a domain of astronomy or the conquest of space

In addition, at the bottom of each sculpture there is a plate representing the legend…

Do you want to discover it in a playful way? The Euro Space Center has a formula not to be missed. Several camppossibilities.

Tania, in the heart of the Legends

Tania is the heroine of Pierre-Emmanuel Paulis’ comic strip. She is also the mascot of this interactive circuit. Help her understand the origins of her mysterious crash in Redu during this 5km journey… The legendary little world of the Ardennes forests will guide you and offer you puzzle games to help her repair her shuttle. An original and playful walk in Redu and surroundings!                 

Libin, entre ciel et terre

Night of the stars

Every year in August, this night is beautiful!

The Euro Space Center invites you to observe the highest concentration of shooting stars of the year. On that day, unique animations will be presented and the event will be enriched by the presence of many astronomy clubs from all over Belgium.

Workshops for young and old, conferences, sun and stargazing, planetarium sessions with explanations and much more make up this unique experience.

Libin, is also...

Do you enjoy wandering around?

Are you looking for a 100% forest walk with bivouac areas equipped for total immersion?

Do not hesitate “entre Lesse and Lomme” is the route! This loop of 78km is completely delimited.

The mapped out route runs along the borders of the municipality of Libin and has 3 bivouac areas.

Connections are also provided in order to reach the large loop from the 9 villages and hamlets/exits.

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The village of Redu is the starting point for the gastronomic tours in the ” Forest of delicacies “.

The tourist routes “Unexpected flavours” and “Flavours in the Celtic Country” are suggestions of routes that take you here and there in the Forest of Saint-Hubert, to discover the landscapes and meet local producers. By appointment, a dozen or so of them will show you their products, explain their daily work, show you around on their farms, in their gardens…

The hamlet of Lesse near the Bookvillage welcomes you in the heart of the valley of the river of the same name.

The “Promenade de la Lesse” (IGN map “Cartes de promenades, Libin) will make you follow the Lesse during this 8,6km tour. You will be able to admire the “wild” charm of the river in the middle of the Ardennes forest.

The “Roche aux chevaux”, the “Roche des voleurs”and the charming “Pont des Cochettes” are so many legendary places that you will be able to admire during this walk. The landscape is particularly idyllic in winter, with small rapids and a lonely, secret and wooded gorge

Villages and neighbourhoods

Anloy, Glaireuse, Lesse, Libin, Ochamps, Redu, Séchery, Smuid, Transinne, Villance



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