Wellin, landscape change in Famenne-Ardenne

Between open landscapes, exceptional architectural heritage and centuries-old forest, the municipality of Wellin is a pleasant place to stroll around. The Lesse and its countless tributaries have carved out numerous valleys which form an exotic landscape in the Southern Ardennes Nature Park. Here one takes the time to live, to honour folklore (during the Carnival period the giants have a place of honour) and to appreciate the wonders of the past. Architectural and natural heritage, the most beautiful villages in Wallonia... Throughout the year, the Tourist Office is happy to take you to the far corners of the region thanks to a programme of walks and guided tours.The geological assets of the

municipality of Wellin as well as those of its neighbour Tellin make these places worth seeing in the Famenne-Ardenne Geopark. 

For example, by crossing the Calestienne (the limestone strip stretching from Chimay in the province of Namur to Remouchamps in the province of Liège), Wellin is a region of high landscape value in terms of limestone formations.The “Balade Calestienne” of 7.6 km with didactic panels is the way to discover it!

Viewpoint of Wery

The belvedere offers a magnificent view of the Ardennes. It is a real invitation to observe the Lesse valley and its tributaries: the rys of Couij, of the Glan and of Wery. The “Promenade de Wéry” (15km) will lead the more sporty, but one can also get there via a shorter (but still physical) hike thanks to a return journey of 4.6km from the Passerelle Maria.

The footbridge Maria

On the to-do list of sites of discovery, the footbridge Maria is undeniable. Located on the old tramway linking Wellin and Graide, the footbridge provides a view of the Lesse near the old station of Redu.The location is one of the most touristic places in the summer due to the attractiveness of the picnic and barbecue areas that have been created there. This enchanting setting is also a delight for anglers and is a meeting point on the various hiking, riding and cycling trails nearby (health trail, GR trails, Promenade de Wéry, Immersion in the heart of the subnatural forest, horse riding, Ravel and Préravel).

Riding paradise Wellin is the meeting place for horseback riding enthusiasts. An annual event brings enthusiasts together and there are special permanent itineraries. On the one hand, thanks to “It’s my opinion and I share it”, the 22 km route that alternates landscape and heritage points with three possible starting points (Chanly, Neupont, Wellin).  On the other hand, through the

unmarked circuits from Lomprez which either follow an old renovated vicinal road (31 km) or several watercourses (26 km). 

Subnatural forest

The “subnatural” forest is an ancient forest of more than 250 years. Walking in such a wooded environment is an amazing discovery that allows you to discover the richness of an exceptional heritage while appreciating the power and majesty of these trees that have survived over the centuries. A 4-kilometre-long walk with didactic panels and the Maria Footbridge is the starting point for this serene tour…


Lomprez, small medieval town probably owes its foundation to Jan the Blind (Count of Luxembourg) in the 14th century. Today, the remains of the castle and the mill which ceased its activities in 1920 are still present in this fortified village. Leaning against the impressive farmhouse building, it probably dates back to the 7th century when the medieval castle was built…. If you are interested in this part of history: the owner of the mill welcomes you by appointment for guided tours. Next to the village hall there is a small didactic walk realised in collaboration with Natagora, which invites you to admire the marshland of Lomprez. 

In this swamp area a number of adaptations have been made such as an insect hotel and swallow nests. The walk takes about 30 minutes.

Sohier, one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia

The small village of Sohier has been recognised as one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia for more than 20 years. Its habitat is typical of the Famenne and one can appreciate its rich

heritage such as the Church of Saint Lambert, its traditional farms, its limestone buildings…and so on. In summer, residents attach importance to decorating their façades and flowerbeds with flowers. You can appreciate this floral decoration during the ” Flower Walk ” of 5km. You can obtain a map from the Wellin Tourist Office which will assist you in this discovery. You will find more than 30 points of interest in terms of heritage, landscape or specifically for the different flowers that give colour to the streets of the village.

Wellin, is also...

Part of the forest of Saint-Hubert can be explored through the gastronomic circuit “Unexpected flavours”. Let yourself be guided along this 122 km long tourist route as you cross Wellin, Tellin, Saint-Hubert and Libin. Several local producers are located along the route and will suggest visits by appointment.

The favourite walk of the Tourist Office

The “Promenade de Wéry” is very pleasant in all seasons but especially in summer. This walk of 15,4km will allow you to admire the very beautiful landscapes of the municipality of Wellin. Open landscapes, along the water and through the forest...

Villages and neighbourhoods:

Barzin, Chanly, Fays-Famenne, Froidlieu, Halma, Lomprez, Neupont, Sohier, Wellin

Office du tourisme communal de Wellin
Grand Place 2 – 6920 wellin
+32 84 41 33 59

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