During the hunting season

Where to walk during the hunting season?

The hunting season begins on 1 October and ends on 31 December (unless extended).

Thanks to the extensive network of walks and hikes in the Forest of Saint-Hubert, you can still continue walking as many routes remain accessible.

The calendar to be downloaded from this page will help you plan your next walks.
However, it is important to stay on the paths and to respect the signs you see: going beyond the poster is prohibited.

interactive map of closures by zone

timetable for closures by promenade 2023-2024

  • Libin (11/01/2024)
  • Saint-Hubert (12/01/2024) + closure on 25/01 of the arboretum of Fourneau Saint-Michel
  • Sainte-Ode (12/01/2024): closure on 25/01 o the walks Fagne de Golet, Forêt de Freyr, des Tailles
  • Tenneville (12/01/2024): closure on 25/01 o the walks Gris Han, Basseille, Converserie, Mochamps
  • Wellin (11/01/2024)
  • Transardennaise (22/01/2024): closure on 25/01, 28/01/2024

The yellow signs

These posters will provide you with information.
They allow you to plan your future autumn walks taking into account the hunting zones.

You can also obtain more information from the cantonnements of the “Department de Nature et Forêt” as well as from the Maison du Tourisme.

The red signs

These posters give the prohibitions.
They can warn of a “battue” in which hunters are waiting along a firebreak, a path or even a road for game pushed by trackers and dogs to come.

This part of the forest is forbidden for walkers at such times. These signs may also warn you of a period of drifting hunting.

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