Libramont-Chevigny, the Celtic

The municipality of Libramont-Chevigny, located in the centre of Belgian Luxembourg, is the largest municipality in the province and above all the junction between rural and economic life, as the annual “Foire agricole” of Libramont proves time and again.By staying there, you choose a holiday in a bucolic and romantic landscape… All this is sprinkled with Celtic inspiration reminiscent of the Museum of the Celts, unique in Belgium, and the collective “Libramont-Chevigny, la Celte”. Through activities, events, productions and creations, the latter ensures that the knowledge of this era is passed on.

The legacy bequeathed to us by these great craftsmen and early pioneers of Europe is still present in our daily lives.

It is to show that shopkeepers, artisans, cultural institutions and the Office du Tourisme of Libramont-Chevigny have joined forces with the museum. Many worth discovering addresses!

>The Museum of the Celts (The museum is in full renovation in order to welcome you better… end of the works expected in 2021? )

The world of the Celts and the Gauls is still too little known, the museum wants to put an end to this. Through its collections and exhibitions you can discover jewellery, crockery, weapons, coach ornaments and many other everyday objects.This museum also invites you to put an end to prejudices, for example by explaining that the Celts did not eat wild boar (this animal was considered sacred!). As far as the youngest children are concerned, the museum has prepared an original visit for them thanks to the game book dedicated to family visits! And this in addition to many other activities (treasure hunt, slumber party, birthday party…).

The Celtic Pedagogical Walk

This sympathetic short walk is a pleasant proposition for families. The starting point is close to the commercial centre of Libramont, in the forest park of Bonance (rue de Bonance). The route is marked out with 5 playful and didactic panels. At each of these stops, the young Celtic child Eira and her friend the squirrel Kadoc are the guides.They suggest you observe the surrounding nature and explain to you the amazing means by which the Celts exploited their environment.The Celtic educational walk consists of two loops. The original route of 1.3 km can be extended to a longer route of 3 km on easily accessible forest roads.The altitude difference is small and the paths are wide. Nearby there is a picnic area and a playground to complete the activity.


Mai Création en fête “Libramon-Chevigny, la Celte”

Every year, an event specially dedicated to the Celts takes place, bringing together the partners of the “Libramont-Chevigny, la Celte” collective.

Usually this takes place on the municipal square in Libramont, right next to the museum and admission is free.

Alternating: – On 1 May, “Mai Création” pays homage to craftsmanship and its Celtic derivatives.- In the second weekend of September “Libramont-Chevigny, the Celtic” will be approached more broadly with a Celtic market, participatory workshops, a Gallic camp, many activities for children, …

Samonios, at the origins of Halloween

The Ardennes have not always been Christian and not all our rituals are derived from Christianity. And contrary to what one might think, the origin of the Halloween festival does not come from America but from Europe via the Celts.

At the time, this feast was called “Samonios”… 

In memory of this centuries-old feast, a fairytale walk is organised every year on 31 October in one of the villages of Libramont-Chevigny.


Libramont-Chevigny, is also

Libramont-Chevigny linked to Marie Howet whose former house is the seat of the tourist office, is a source of inspiration for artists. The Cultural Centre of Libramont, the AKDT or Aurélie Moreau, with its glassware and stained glass creations, are examples of this. If you want to develop your creativity, don’t forget to consult the programme for activities and workshop visits ! 

Shopping enthusiasts will find their pleasure in the main shopping street between Libramont and Recogne. Small as well as large shops will welcome you for a wide variety of purchases.

The local flavours will delight you! To meet local producers who open their doors by appointment, follow the gastronomic circuit “La Forêt des Délices – Saveurs en terre celte”.                            This 70km-long tourist tour takes you along a route that leads through Redu and Saint-Hubert.

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The favourite walk of the Tourist Office

The “Promenade de la Briqueterie” is a beautiful long walk of 6.3km which is particularly appreciated in summer (walking map “Libramont-Chevigny”). This walk is close to the Cultural and Commercial Centre of Libramont and will lead you to a change of environment in the middle of the forest. A pleasant adventure in which you quickly get carried away by the singing of the birds and who knows, by the tracks of the game on the ground! It is also the most accessible walk for families with young children. The paths are wide and there is not too much altitude difference.

Villages and neighbourhoods 

Bernimont, Bonnerue, Bougnimont, Bras-Bas, Bras-Haut, Chenêt, Flohimont, Freux-Menil, Freux-Surzerain, Jenneville, Lamouline, Laneuville, Libramont, Moircy, Neuvillers, Nimbermont, Ourt, Presseux, Recogne, Remagne, Ourt, Presseux, Recogne, Remagne, Remeaux, Renaumont, Rondu, Saint-Pierre, Sainte-Marie, Sberchamps, Séviscourt, Wideumont (Wideumont-Gare, Wideumont-Village).

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