Gîte du Thier d’Orno

accessibility of the thier d'orno gîte

In collaboration with All Access (Province of Luxembourg), we would like to inform you that facilities have been made available for

  • people with comprehension difficulties
  • people with autism

The address is Thier d’Orno 10, 6970 Journal.

The house sleeps 6 people.
There are 3 bedrooms in this holiday home.
It is ideal for families.

The telephone numbers for information and bookings for the Thier d’Orno gîte are 084 45 57 87 and 0494 45 91 76.
If you are calling from abroad, dial 0032 84 45 57 87 or 0032 494 45 91 76.

You can send an e-mail for information to avaloze.marylene@gmail.com

Booking in advance is essential.

Wifi is available in the gîte.

The owner, Marylène Avaloze, is always on hand to do her utmost to meet holidaymakers’ needs.

Assistance dogs are welcome but must be notified when booking.

You can bring your own bike, as this holiday home has been awarded the ‘Bienvenue vélo’ label.
This means, among other things, that there are routes nearby, that you can store your bike safely and that there is a kit on site for basic repairs.

photos of the front of the house

photos of the kitchen and living room

photos of the ground floor bedroom

photo of other rooms

photos of the bathroom

Photos of the terrace and access

photo of another terrace and access to the garden

useful information

The gîte is signposted with a “Thier d’Orno” sign in the shape of a wooden fox on the front of the gîte.


  • There is a car park reserved for guests of the gîte.
  • It is located near the entrance.
  • The cobbled surface of the car park is even and unobstructed.
  • It is easy to walk around.
  • The path from the car park to the entrance is paved.
  • It is also easy to walk around.

Ground floor:

  • There is a small step to enter the gîte.
  • There is one bedroom on the ground floor.
  • The shower room is close to the bedroom.
  • The kitchen and dining room are close to the bedroom.
  • The hob is tactile and therefore has no raised buttons.
  • The kitchen tap has a closed wrist activatable tap.


  • Access to the lounge and dining room is via a three-step staircase secured by a handrail.
  • Upstairs is accessed via a spiral staircase not secured by a barrier.


  • There is one bedroom on the ground floor.
  • There are two bedrooms upstairs with slightly sloping ceilings.

Shower rooms (bathroom):

  • The width of the passage between the shower and the sink is insufficient for the passage of a wheelchair.
  • There is a walk-in shower.
    For people with mobility difficulties, assistance is required to enjoy the bathroom.

The gîte is signposted with a “Thier d’Orno” sign in the shape of a wooden fox on the front of the gîte.

Garden and terrace:

  • The entire terrace is secured by a railing.
    The terrace is accessible via the kitchen.
    The terrace is also accessible from outside via a ramp secured by a handrail.
  • The terrace offers views over the surrounding countryside.
  • The garden is planted with trees and surrounded by a hedge.
    The garden is a quiet area.

Other information:

  • The whole gite is well lit.
  • There is no illuminated fire alarm system in the gîte yet.
  • We recommend the ground floor bedroom for people with disabilities for the following reasons:
  • Switches close to the bed for access to the bedroom lighting.
  • Proximity to all amenities (easier to find your way around).
  • No need to use spiral staircases.
  • Close to the door to the outside in case of emergency.

easy to read and understand

This text is written in Easy to Read and Understand.

You can come to the gîte with your assistance dog.

For further information:

  • You can send an email to the owners at: avaloze.marylene@gmail.com
  • You can also telephone or send a text message to 0032 494 45 91 76.

To find the gîte :

  • Address: 10 Thier d’Orno 6970 Journal
  • On the wall of the gîte is a wooden fox. On the fox is written the name of the gîte Thier d’Orno.

Parking :

  • You can park your car in the cobbled car park.
  • The car park is very close to the entrance to the gîte.

Inside the gîte :

  • When you open the door to the gîte, you will find :
    – a dining room and kitchen
    – bedroom and shower room.
  • Down a flight of three steps is the sitting room with television.
    Through the loung room window, you can see the countryside with trees and fields.
    It’s very beautiful.
  • If you go up another flight of stairs, there are two more bedrooms.
  • There’s wifi throughout the gîte. This means you can go on the internet with your computer or mobile phone.


  • Outside, there is a large terrace for eating when the weather is nice.
    The terrace is surrounded by a fence.
    You can get to the terrace from the kitchen.
    You can also get to the terrace via a metal ramp.
    You can see the ramp in the photos.
  • The gîte has a beautiful garden.
    The garden is a very quiet place.
    There is a hedge all around the garden.

in collaboration with All Access / Province de Luxembourg: +32 63 21 24 07

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