Les Dépendances de Roumont

accessibility of the gîte les Dépendances de Roumont

In collaboration with All Access (Province of Luxembourg), we would like to inform you that facilities have been provided for

  • the hearing impaired (no visual alarm system)
  • people with comprehension difficulties
  • people with autism

The address is Roumont 4, 6890 Ochamps (Libin)

This house can accommodate up to 14 people.
There are 6 bedrooms.
It is ideal for families or groups of friends.

The telephone number for information and reservations for Les Dépendances de Roumont gîte is 0495 27 22 52.
If you are calling from abroad, dial 0032 495 27 22 52.

You can send an e-mail for information to roumont@skynet.be

Booking in advance is essential.

Wifi is available in the ground floor living areas.

The owner, Régine Coppée, is on hand to offer advice on how best to meet holidaymakers’ needs.

Assistance dogs are welcome but must be notified when booking.

photos of the courtyard - car park

photos of the entrance hall

photos of the lounge

photos of the dining room

photos of the kitchen

photos of the playroom

photos of the ground floor bedroom and bathroom

photos of upstairs corridors

photos of a room on the first floor

photos of a bathroom on the first floor

photos of a bedroom on the first floor

photos of a bedroom on the first floor

photos of a bathroom on the first floor

photos of a bedroom on the first floor

photos of a bathroom on the first floor

photos of a bedroom on the first floor

photos of the terrace and rear garden

photos of steps in the gîte

useful information

Parking space:

  • The parking space is located in the courtyard in front of the gîte.
  • The car park is made of gravel and cobblestones.
  • On request, it is possible to arrive by car as close as possible to the entrance of the gîte in order to limit the journey.

Ground floor:

  • There are 2 steps to enter the gîte.
  • The rooms are spacious and the doorways are wide.
  • There is one bedroom with bathroom on the ground floor.
  • There is a second toilet (not wheelchair accessible).
  • The kitchen is not easily accessible to wheelchair users because of the height of the units and the lack of clearance under the sink and under the hob.
  • There are carpets on the floor.


  • There is one floor in the holiday home.
    The other 5 bedrooms are on the first floor.
  • The stairs are secured on one side.
  • The handrail does not start at the foot of the stairs.

Bedroom on the ground floor:

  • The bedroom on the ground floor is not accessible to wheelchair users due to the height of the bed, the lack of possibility of transferring from a chair to the toilet, insufficient turning area in the shower).
  • For people with walking difficulties: the height of the bed is not high enough.

Rooms on the first floor:

  • Lighting is adequate.
  • There are generally contrasts between the floor and the walls.
  • There are carpets on the floor.
  • The first floor has an attic.The garden is located to the rear of the holiday home.
  • It is enclosed and is safe to walk around.
  • There are seats of varying heights.
  • Access to the garden is via the dining room door.
  • There is a small step.
  • There is a paved terrace and a gravel terrace.


Easy to read and understand

This text is written in easy-to-read and easy-to-comprehend language.


  • Parking is available in the courtyard of the gîte.
  • If you ask, we can park your car next to the front door.
  • You will need assistance to get around in a wheelchair as :
    the floor of the car park is made of cobbles and small stones.
  • Cobblestones are square pieces of stone on the ground.

Entering the gîte

You’ll need someone to help you if you’re in a wheelchair because :

  • There are two steps into the gîte.

Inside the gîte

  • The rooms in the gîte are large.There is one bedroom with a bathroom.The bed in the bedroom is too low for people who have difficulty walking.
  • There is a table football and other small games. Table football is a game for grown-ups or children. Table football is like playing football on a table.
  • You use your hands to move the bars.
  • There are little men on the bars.
  • By moving the bars, the men hit the ball.
  • You win if you put the ball in the other players’ goal.

If you’re in a wheelchair, you’ll need someone to help you in the gîte:

  • There is a toilet, but it is easy to use for people who have difficulty walking.
  • There are carpets on the floor.
  • In the kitchen, the furniture is high.
  • The sink and cooking rings are high up.


The stairs are not safe enough because :

  • There is only one handrail to hold on to on the stairs.
  • This handrail does not start at the beginning of the staircase.

Rooms on the first floor

  • The rooms are well lit.
    For visually impaired people, the colours help them to see everything clearly.
  • Sometimes the ceiling is a little low, so you have to be careful not to hit your head.
  • There are carpets on the floor

Garden and terraces

  • The garden and terraces are at the back of the house.
    You enter the garden through the dining room door.
    Be careful, the dining room door has a small step.
    There is a fence around the garden.
    There are benches and chairs in the garden.
  • One terrace has a small pebble floor.
    Another terrace is made of large cobbles.
    A paving stone is a square piece of stone on the ground.


in collaboration with All Access / Province de Luxembourg: +32 63 21 24 07

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