Celtic Museum

accessibility of the celtic museum

In collaboration with All Access (Province of Luxembourg), we would like to inform you that this site is accessible to people with disabilities:

L’adresse est Place communale 7, 6800 Libramont.

Le Musée des Celtes à Libramont est situé sur la place communale, à côté de l’Administration communale de Libramont-Chevigny et du centre sportif.

You can call the Celtic Museum on 061 22 49 76.
If you are calling from abroad, dial 0032 61 22 49 76.

You can also send an e-mail to info@museedesceltes.be
fill in the form under the contact tab on the museum’s website.

There are no toilets in the museum.
The accessible toilet is in another building, outside the museum.
It is near car park 2.

The toilet building has a wide, level entrance.
The PRM toilet is indicated by a pictogram in the hall and on the door.
Wheelchair users are advised to enter the toilet in reverse.
There is no grab rail to help with transfers.

The Celtic Museum is open according to the following schedule:

From 15 January to 30 June and from 1 September to 15 December:
– Tuesday to Friday from 9.30 am to 5 pm
– Sundays and public holidays from 2pm to 6pm

In July and August:
– Monday to Saturday from 9.30am to 5pm (last entrance 4.30pm)
– Sundays and public holidays from 2pm to 6pm (last entrance 5.30pm)

The visit lasts about 1 hour.

Wi-Fi is available for visitors.
Connection requires identification.
Reception staff can help with any difficulties.

Assistance dogs are welcome.
Water is available, but remember to bring your own container.

If you need help, a member of staff is on hand at reception to give you all the information you need.

You can come by bike, as the museum has been awarded the “Bienvenue vélo” label.
This means that there are routes nearby, that you can store your bike safely and that there is a kit on site for basic repairs.

parking in front of the municipal administration and access from there

car park in front of the sports centre and photos of access from the car park

photos of lift access

photos of the interior:

photo of the souvenir shop:

useful information


  • There are 4 PRM parking spaces near the Musée des Celtes: 2 spaces are located approximately 25 metres from the entrance and 2 spaces are located approximately 50 metres from the entrance.
  • These spaces are very easy to identify visually.
  • They are sufficiently wide.
  • The pavements and the roadway as a whole are made of cobblestones, all of which are flat with no slopes.
  • The car park in front of the sports centre is recommended as there is no road crossing to reach the museum entrance.

Access to the building:

  • The museum is easily accessed via a concrete cobblestone driveway.
  • When you arrive at the staircase leading to the museum entrance, you can identify the entrance by a large sign on the wall.This sign provides information on prices and the possibility of using a lift located in another building (on request).
  • Take the stairs to the 1st floor.This is where you’ll find the museum entrance.You can phone reception to ask for help if you need it.
  • To use the lift: when you arrive at the staircase leading to the Museum entrance on the 1st floor, you can telephone reception to ask for access and assistance to the lift. The lift is 84 cm wide.

Inside the building:

  • Part of the information desk is at armchair height.
  • It is possible to pay in cash or by card using a mobile payment device.
  • Circulation is easy.
    Spaces are wide and free of obstacles, with the exception of one area where there is a carpet on the floor.
  • Seats are arranged at regular intervals along the tour route.
    The seats have no armrests.
    Cane seats are available on request.
  • The route is logical and very intuitive.
    There are currently no guide lines along the display cases.
  • It is possible to move away from the ticket office to isolate yourself from the world and noise.
  • There are visual and interactive aids.
    An audio guide for the general public is available to complement the visit.
  • There is a model that you can touch.
    You can ask for the ceiling lights to be turned on at reception.
  • Some of the displays have sound content but are accompanied by written information.

easy to read and understand

This text is written in Easy to Read and Understand.

This text is written in Easy to Read and Understand.

Come to the museum with a family member or friend.

There are two large car parks near the Celtic Museum.
Please note that there are no pedestrian crossings near the museum.
Photos are below the text.

To enter the museum:
The museum wall has “Musée des Celtes” written on it in large letters.
You have to enter the museum via a staircase.
The stairs are at the side of the building.
There are photos to help you.
The photos are below this text.

Inside the museum:
You can pay to enter the museum with a bank card or coins and notes.
In the museum, learn about the life of the Celts.
The Celts are the people who lived in Belgium a very long time ago.
Here’s what you can do at the museum:
– see photos and artefacts
– watch films about the Celts on television
– dress up
– see, smell, taste and touch things

Information in collaboration with
All Access / Province of Luxembourg: +32 63 21 24 07

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