Depending on the walk

game observation areas

Several wildlife observation sites have been set up in the forest of Saint-Hubert in order to observe the animals in their natural habitat. Quietness is particularly important here… 

The recommended walks to discover them are : 

  • Walk no. 7 of the map “Au Pays de Saint-Hubert” to reach the “aire de la Borne”.
  • Walk n° 7 of the map “Entre rivières et forêts” to reach the “Tour de Priesse”.
  • Walk n°7 on the map “Entre rivières et forêt” and walk n°4 on the map “Au pays de Saint-Hubert” to reach the “aire de Bilaude”.
  • Walk n°8 on the map “Entre rivières et forêt” to reach the “aire des Amonys”.

Nature reserves and wetlands

During the walks you will discover several nature reserves and wetlands:

  • the “anciennes troufferies” during the walk “Les troufferies” with starting point : Roumont-Ochamps (6km)
  • the “boulaie tourbeuse du Rouge Poncé” during the 9.7 km walk no. 7 on the “Entre rivières et forêt” map.
  • the “Réserve des Pairées” during the walk of the “Réserve domaniale” of 4 km with starting point : Resteigne.
  • the “Fagne du Mâ d’Eau” during the loop of 8km starting from : Tellin
  • the “Fagne des Anomalies” during a short back and forth walk starting from : Séviscourt
  • the Lomprez wet zone during the didactic walk (about thirty minutes)
  • the “étangs de Luchy” between Libramont and Bertrix

The viewpoints

Among the magnificent viewpoints you can enjoy during your travels in the Forest of Saint-Hubert, we selected for you :

  • the viewpoint of the chapel of Lorette between Remagne and Moircy
  • the viewpoint of the Rocher du Pic between Tellin and Resteigne
  • The viewpoint of the “Belvédère” during the “promenade de Wery” close to the “Passerelle Maria”.
  • the 360° panorama from the “Tour de Priesse” during the “Promenade de Mochamps”
  • the panorama from the viewpoint of “la Borne
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