Gîte Au jardin de Camille

Accessibility of the Au jardin de camille gîte

In collaboration with All Access (Province of Luxembourg), we would like to inform you that facilities have been made available for

  • the hearing impaired
  • the visually impaired

The address is rue de Tribois 79, 6920 Wellin.

There are 3 bedrooms in this holiday home.
It is ideal for families.

The telephone number for information and reservations for Au Jardin de Camille is 0497 42 85 22.
If you are calling from abroad, dial 0032 497 42 85 22.

You can send an e-mail for information to annick.mahin@gmail.com

Booking in advance is essential.

Wifi is available in the gîte.

The owner, Annick Mahin, is on hand to do her utmost to meet holidaymakers’ needs.

It’s possible to bring your own bike, as this holiday home has been awarded the ‘Bienvenue vélo’ label.
This means, among other things, that there are routes nearby, that you can store your bike safely and that there is a kit on site for basic repairs.

photo of the front of the house

photo of the kitchen

photos of the dining room

photos of the lounge

Photo of the toilet on the ground floor

Photos of a room on the first floor

Photos of a room on the first floor

Photos of a room on the first floor

Photos of a bathroom

Photos of another bathroom

photos of the relaxation room on the second floor

photos of staircases and corridors

useful information


  • There is private parking for guests of the gîte.

Ground floor:

  • The ground floor is accessible without obstacles.
  • The ground floor is well lit, making it easy to lip-read.
  • There are blinds to black out the room if necessary, for example to reduce the glare of outside light.
  • The oven and microwave are at standing height.
  • The controls on these appliances are raised.
  • The hob is tactile (there are no raised buttons).
  • A glass surface separates the corridor from the dining room.
    There is a green plant in front of the glass door to avoid bumping into it.


  • There are 2 floors in the holiday home.
  • To get to the 1st and 2nd floors, there is a staircase with steps that are difficult for a visually impaired person to see.
  • The handrail is on one side only (the side of the wall).


  • The rooms are spacious and well lit.
  • There are contrasting colours between the walls and floors.
  • There are no obstacles in the passageways.
  • The furniture is open and everything is visible.
  • There is one attic bedroom.
  • The windows are not secured.

Shower room (bathroom):

  • The shower room is spacious.
  • The sink and taps are easy to use.

Wellness area:

  • The top floor is dedicated to well-being.
  • It’s a quiet space with a sauna, a hydro-massage shower and an exercise bike.
  • There is a small terrace overlooking the garden.
  • The windows are not secured.

Garden and terrace :

  • There is a garden.
  • There is a gravel path to the garden.
    The path is marked by a concrete border which acts as a guide line.
  • The garden and terrace can be accessed via the glazed door at the rear of the house. There is also another access from the side of the house.
  • There are 3 steps from the terrace to the garden.
    The terrace has a flat, hard surface.
    It is bordered by a low wall.
  • The garden is fenced off on all sides, which makes it safer. It’s a very pleasant place for people who need to recharge their batteries.
  • The end of the garden overlooks a small stream which is not secured by a fence.

Other information:

  • There is an audible and visual alarm (flash system) in the corridors only.


easy to read and understand

This text is written in Easy to Read and Understand.

Car park:

  • There is a car park.

Ground floor:

  • There are no stairs on the ground floor.
  • There is light throughout the ground floor.
  • There are blinds on the windows.
    When the blinds are up, there is less light in the room.
  • You have to stand to use the oven and microwave.
    There is a large window between the corridor and the dining room.
  • A pot with a plant is in front of the window.


  • There are 2 floors in the holiday home.
  • The stairs are difficult to see for someone who cannot see very well.
  • There is a handrail to stand on when climbing the stairs.


  • The bedrooms are large.
  • The colours are clearly visible.
  • It is not possible to lock the windows.

Shower room (bathroom):

  • There is a large shower room.

Wellness area:

On the second floor there are:

  • Armchairs for relaxing.
  • A massage shower.
  • A sauna.
    A sauna is a small wooden cabin.
    The air in a sauna is warm.
    Going to a sauna helps people relax and stay healthy.
  • A small terrace.
    You can see the garden from the terrace.
  • The windows cannot be locked.

Garden and terrace :

  • There is a garden.
  • The garden path is made of gravel.
  • Gravel is small pebbles.
  • There are 3 steps from the terrace to the garden.
  • The terrace is completely flat.
  • There’s a table, chairs and a large parasol on the terrace.
    A parasol is for protection from the sun.

The garden is quiet.

In the garden, you can :

  • Look at nature.
  • Breathe calmly.
  • Listen to the birds singing and the sound of the little stream.

There is a fence around the garden.
There is no fence in front of the stream.

Other information:

If there is a fire in the gîte, there is an alarm that :

  • makes noise.
  • lights up the corridors.

If you hear the alarm, leave the house calmly.

Information and in collaboration with All Access / Province de Luxembourg: +32 63 21 24 07

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