Le Cerf Futé (tourist pass)

"Visitez plus, dépensez moins" (Visit more for less money)

Thanks to the tourist pass “Le Cerf Futé” you can enjoy discounts on more than 25 attractions and restaurants! Be inspired by a guide of exclusive stays and thematic itineraries: The Combi’Art will take you to the Mudia in Redu, the Cultural Centre in Libramont, the Hunting Horn and the Basilica circuit in Saint-Hubert! The Combi’Star will bring you closer to the stars thanks to the National Glider Center in Saint-Hubert, the Euro Space Center and on the “Balade spatiale” of Transinne, “Tania au coeur des Légendes” and the “Hauts de la Lesse” in Tellin! The Combi’Stoire makes you change “era” on the Domaine du Fourneau Saint-Michel, in the basilica of Saint-Hubert, during the “Promenade didactique du Marsoult” in Mirwart, the “Promenade didactique celte”

in Libramont and the “Promenade sur les traces de 14-18” in Anloy. Combi’Nature invites you to a “lacher prise” in the Saint-Hubert wildlife park, during a mountain bike ride, a hike in the Mirwart Provincial Domain, a break from the viewpoint of La Borne and a geo hike in Tellin!


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Selling points:

Maison du Tourisme de la Forêt de Saint-Hubert
Place du Marché 15
6870 Saint-Hubert
+32(0)61 61 30 10

Office du Tourisme de Libramont-Chevigny
Grand’Rue 24
6800 Libramont-Chevigny
+32(0)61 27 04 82

Office du Tourisme de Libin
Place de l’ESRO 60
6890 Redu
+32(0)61 65 66 99

Office du Tourisme de Tellin
Rue Grande 21a
6927 Tellin
+32(0)84 36 60 07

Le Libra’BAR
Rue de la Gare, 47
6800 Libramont
+32(0)475 21 05 81

Le Saint-Hu’BAR
Place de l’Abbaye, 9
6870 Saint-Hubert
+32(0)475 21 05 81