Listening to the deer bellow with Richard Mignolet (Only in French and Dutch)


In collaboration with All Access (Province of Luxembourg), we would like to inform you that facilities have been made available for

  • the visually impaired
  • people with comprehension difficulties

This is a bookable activity.
This activity is organised by Richard Mignolet, who is a guide.
It takes place at Saint-Hubert.
It begins with information on the life of the stag in the Ardennes.
It continues with listening to the bellowing and ends at the brasserie “Le Coin gourmand”.

You can contact Richard Mignolet by calling 0498 57 37 08.
If you are calling from abroad, dial 0032 498 57 37 08.
You can also send him an e-mail at

Photo of guide richard mignolet

The guide is a Richard Mignolet.

Richard Mignolet has been trained to accompany visually impaired visitors.
It is recommended that you be accompanied.
Richard Mignolet has adapted his formula.
The activity will be personalised.
He likes to use humour and share amusing anecdotes.
On request, it is possible to book the meal.

Photo of the entrance to the Game Park

Photos of the entrance to the brewery:

Photo of a place on the terrace:

Photo of the PRM toilet:

useful information

Car park:

  • There is a drop-off point.
  • It is possible to park in an accessible car park: you must request this before the activity.
  • The guide will be on hand to welcome you at the car park.
  • The car park is gravel and asphalt.

How to get there:

  • The activity takes place at the Parc à Gibier de Saint-Hubert.
    The Parc à Gibier is about 2 kilometres from the centre of Saint-Hubert.
  • Coming from Saint-Hubert, as you approach the site, a sign will be on your right (you will need to turn right).
  • The entrance to the “Parc à gibier” site is easy to identify.
    There are two ways to enter the Brasserie “Le Coin Gourmand”: either by a ramp or by stairs.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome (as a general rule: with the exception of assistance dogs, dogs are not allowed in the Parc à Gibier).

Welcome by the guide:

  • Richard Mignolet will be on hand to welcome you on arrival.
  • He will give you advice.
  • He will guide you right up to the moment when you listen to the stag bellow.

In the Game Park:

  • There is no signposting along the way but the guide will be present.
  • The pace of the walk will be adapted.
  • Part of the route is more difficult to walk.

In the brasserie:

  • The guide will be present.
  • There is a toilet accessible to people with reduced mobility in the brewery.
  • The staff have been trained to welcome people with disabilities.
  • Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

Information in collaboration with All Access / Province of Luxembourg: +32 63 21 24 07

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