Regional routes

The " Route des Forêts"

The Belgian Luxembourg network of knots is signposted in the Forêt de Saint-Hubert.

The "Route des Forêts"

Drive 191 km through the forest on paved roads to discover the regions of Saint-Hubert, Marche-en-Famenne, Nassogne, Champlon, Sainte-Ode and Libramont-Chevigny. The route is not signposted but can be easily followed with a road book. A variant of 113 km is also available at the Maison du Tourisme in Saint-Hubert.

The Transardennaise

The Transardennaise MTB from Malmedy via La Roche-en-Ardenne to Bouillon in 272 km via Tenneville, Saint-Hubert and Libin (not signposted, road-book). The variant of this route for bicycles connects La Roche-en-Ardenne with Bouillon in 164 km (not signposted, road-book).

W7 "sur la route des Ardennes"

This 207 km long route crosses the provinces of Liège and Luxembourg via the municipalities of Libin, Libramont-Chevigny and Tenneville.

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