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signposted routes

Mountain bike routes are signposted in several communes of the Saint-Hubert Forest. They are shown on the IGN maps of local walks and can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

In the commune of Libin: 3 circuits of 16, 20 and 30 km
In the commune of Saint-Hubert: 6 circuits of 12 to 30 km
In the commune of Tellin: 1 circuit of 20.2 km
In the commune of Tenneville: 2 circuits of 21 and 30.5 km

In the commune of Libramont-Chevigny, 4 circuits are marked out starting from the Place communale. The distances are 20, 35, 50 and 65 km.


signposted network of knots

Ardenne Bike Tours

These unmarked routes proposed by the Maison de la Randonnée – GTA Belgique can be downloaded and vary from 15 to 48 km.
They take in the Grande Forêt de Saint-Hubert via Arville, Bras, Freux, Mirwart, the Monument to King Albert, Poix-Saint-Hubert, Remagne, Saint-Hubert and Wyompont.

Libramont-Chevigny's MTB loops

Starting from the Place communale in Libramont, the municipality of Libramont-Chevigny offers 4 VTC marked out loops. The distances vary from 20 to 70 km.


The old tramway that linked Wellin to Graide until 1958 has been rehabilitated to the delight of walkers and cyclists.
The Wellin – Daverdisse – Porcheresse RAVeL consists of three parts: a cycle path, a RAVeL and a PicVert. A total of 13 km starting from Rue Les Glaumonts in Neupont.


Thanks to the construction of the 11.4 km long route in the municipality of Libramont-Chevigny, it is now possible to go from Flohimont to Wideumont-Gare (direction Bastogne).
The route allows you to reach Libramont-Chevigny and Wiltz (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) via Bastogne.
Starting point : industrial zone of Flohimont.


This network links the centre of Saint-Hubert with the villages of Vesqueville and Hatrival.
It is made up of 4 routes with distances varying from 1.3 to 2.6 km.


This slow-moving route links Libramont-Chevigny (starting from the town square in Libramont) to Tonny (Sainte Ode) via dedicated sections, village crossings and agricultural roads over a distance of around 20 km. It forms an integral part of the W7 long-distance regional route, which runs north-south through the provinces of Liège and Luxembourg.
This signposted section can be downloaded from the Libramont-Chevigny Tourist Office.

Wellin, gateway to the Ardenne

The Wellin Tourist Office offers you 10 unmarked routes to discover the municipality, starting from: Sohier, Wellin or the Maria bridge.
The distances of these family and mountain bike routes vary from 7 to 44 km. They are available at the Tourist Office.

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